A Summer afternoon in Schwarzsee

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nothing's changed other than the name and the look. Everything else remains the same.

Update your links, point them to am11.wordpress.com

Thank you!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Ahh, Chinese New Year. Where do I start with it. I think its kinda weird, really. I'm 75% chinese but I really don't do anything Chinese-y other than eat (halal) chinese food (contrary to Suff's beliefs), use chopsticks and say "Wa Lao!" and other stuff in cheena ways when the time is right.

My mum is chinese but she doesn't know her real family (think along full circle family stories) and my dad's mum is chinese but she's SO melayu now I forget that she's chinese. Plus we never really were the visiting sort with my nenek's family.

Actually I don't even know them to begin with. I only know my nenek's mum/ggmother passed away and I remember seeing her like once in the hospital when I was really young and was amused at her extremely small feet.

Ah thats about it ah.

So basically I am chinese by blood but malay by everything else. -shrugs- doesn't bother me anyway.

So today being CNY and all, the roads were SO empty when we left home at 8-ish.

ONE taxi on the PIE. ONE. ONE. ONE.

Oh yeah, the parents are in a similar shade of brown. Okay let me correct that. ALL FOUR OF US WERE IN SOME HIDEOUS SHADE OF BROWN.

My mum loves wearing the same colour. She usually wears matching colours with my dad but today she decided to drag us into it as well. But my sister and I weren't feeling it man.

My tudung was almost the same shade of brown as my sister's jubah and MY jubah was the exact same colour as her tudung. Go figure. We were like walking inverses.

(She isn't really sleeping, its just for the camera)

My sister and I actually had plans to sit at different corners of the mosque once we got there.


A few days ago I combed my hair and there was a knot. I tugged hard on it and this came out.

Wow, thanks man.


I don't understand why my sister needs this ginormous amount of markers to do her bio journal.

I really don't.

Its like the same colour with 984375893274234 different shades.

Speaking of my antelope sister, have you seen her lion dance pics on her blog? HAHA! I'm proud (somehow) to say that she was one of the kepala singa-s! Totally! Now that her lion dance is over, she can't stop drumming the rhythm and acting out the moves at home.



If the external publishing on Blogger is STILL not okay (its already been 2 weeks) by wednesday next week, I will move am11 some place better.

Yes, that is my final un-garang ultimatum.

Waiting for KFC to come! Yey!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

After publishing my previous entry, I wen to check my blog and I realised that my antelope of a sister hijacked my blog.


Haha if you're wondering whats up with the axe-dee, read her blog to find out. That is, WHEN she blogs about HER chinese new year sms! Haha!


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Xing nian kuai le! (Suff style)


3 Years ago in the Cafe doing the toss toss thing with the fish and whatnots. Is it Luo Hei?


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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! xD (to be said as "axe-dee")
COS ITS THE YEAR OF THE PIG, therefore, =amylia. :D

& she is sleeping like one too! :D

kak, next time, don't leave me to watch 2 measly episodes of prisonbreak on your laptop & leave your blogger page thingy open.

p/s: ">\=" stands for "more than or equal to" :D


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Saturday, February 17, 2007
wth is wrong with me?!

Guess what?!?!?!?!?!

I FINALLY used my FIRST S/U and I S/U-ed German!! After the schrecklicher Test I had yesterday, it never looked so clear as to whether I should SU or not.

Yeah baby!! -shakes butt-

You know I remember 2 years ago in German 1 class, when Atikk was taking German with us, we (atikk, baba and I) were talking about boyfriends and the like and I was still in a commitment, Atikk said (exasperatedly)

OMG EVEN (insert name) has a BOYFRIEND! What the heck is wrong with Meeeee?

I thought that was pretty funny actually.

But NOW, I can SO totally identify with that!!!

My mum says im too cerewet with guys and well, lets put it this way.

we always want what we can't have

I mean, Wentworth doesn't even know I exist!!

I don't think I'm cerewet with guys actually. I just think that whoever my boyfriend will be, he has BIG shoes to fill. And I mean BIG. I think a standard has been set and I guess I have a certain expectation of guys just because of what I had before. And so far, no one has met that expectation yet, which is why its just been simmering around like and not love.

I don't know. Guys are guys. Self absorbed, weird little creatures, they LOVE and CAN'T STOP talking about themselves. Haha, Okay sorry guys out there, its not that all of you are like that and its not that I don't like self absorbance, I think its okay actually. But when its time to shift your concern to the girl you better do!

Oh wells I better stop before I sound like some high maintenance girl with inhumanely high expectations of people because I'm really not like that. I know people are different and I cannot expect the same out of different people.

Its just exactly like when you've tasted the best chicken rice you've ever eaten in your life, other chicken rices won't taste as good anymore? The tak sedap-ness of the chicken rice will be more amplified as you complain about the rice being too sticky, too garlicky, the soup too bland, the chilli too sweet and the chicken too dry. Its only when you have another plate of chicken rice that's better or as good as the best one you've eaten, then you finally feel like satisfied.

I'm just that more picky when it comes to someone I'll spend the rest of my life with.

I mean, who isn't, right?

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Friday, February 16, 2007
Chatting with Fernando Sucre!

Sucre is so SO SO HAWWWTTTT.

Speaking of hot guys.


If you didn't...

This is Jared Cotter.

His photos are kental right now, but you can still see the hotness. Haha i told you I like guys that look like this. haha. Sucre-ish.

Anyway, Jared is SO totally worth me saying MOVE ASIDE WENTWORTH!!!!

I don't have pictures of many guys in my phone.. There's my dad, wentworth, chris daughtry, sucre-lookalike but Jared will TOTALLY make it.

I like this season's Idol because I think the talent is much better.

Oh and I really think Channel 5 should just stop making their own shows. Its a disgrace, really. I'd rather they spend the money in getting American programs to us ON TIME.

At least Survivor and Amazing race are on time. How about Prison Break 2, CSI 7, Desperate housewives 3!!! I'm following the US episodes which are already halfway through!



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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Mach es wie die Sonnenuhr, zähl die heiten Stunden nur.

Promising. :)


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Den ganzen Tag!

And the lab cycle starts again! Today I was back in my beloved appliedchem lab again. Okay actually its more like Dazril's beloved lab. Since he loves the lab tech and hes in there 93874239874% of the time doing his research. Sounds impressive ah.

It was extra cold today. Have NO idea why.

Then the people started streaming in and we sat down at our respective experiments.

Today my experiment was about viscosity and the like. Dazril did the experiment last week and he calls it the "pancut-pancut experiment". That's cause we have to completely fill the tube with the methanol-water mixtures. So it'll overflow and when u put the stopper it will cause the solution to pancut.

What were you thinking. tsk tsk.

Well aircon lab and METHANOL mixtures. And i was doing the filling and pancut-ing so my hands felt pretty frozen after that. Oh we have to chuck this glass ball into the tube and time how long it takes to travel from point A to point B through the methanol-water mixture.

Wahoo! tedious ah. but fun!

Okay have to mug now. byebye!


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Monday, February 12, 2007
Byebye Moto!

Blogger is being a pain as usual. I once told Ahmad I wanted to move my blog someplace else but was just undecided. There's a problem with Blogger's publishing so it takes 1 day before what I publish gets published.



I changed my phone!! Wahoo!! I got a phone out of my plan A/B/C that I listed down in a previous entry.


Anyway. I got Ain's phone, K800i! Wahoo! Different colour though. It rocks la. I'm just so in love with it. And it takes EXCELLENT pictures with the 3.2Megapixel cybershot!

See see! Yess la. But I can't turn off the sound for the shutter for the camera! Means no more stealth shots. Dangss.


OH I've been meaning to blog this for a long time but Blogger was being PMS-y.

So last Thursday, Ain's Loner Guy and I finally had our FIRST verbal exchange after 3 semesters, 4 weeks and 4 days!!!

Not that I was *dying* for a verbal exchange anyway since I've always been scared of Loner Guy..just because. I know I like bad boys, but he's too bad for me (not as if i'm *so* baik slash angelic). Plus he looks too intimidating!

ANYWAY! Here was how our verbal exchange went.

I crashed Ain's 8am spectroII lecture and I was sitting with her at the back row. Loner Guy and Alfons were sitting in the row in front of us. So Ain got hungry as usual and

Ain: -taps Loner Guy's shoulder and points to biscuits that he brought- Satu boleh?

Loner Guy: -offers her the biscuits and turns to me- Nak?

Me: -shakes head- Tak. -and continues doing my physical tutorial-

HAHA! YES my friends that was our verbal exchange!

You know what, I'm happy that Ain and Loner Guy are friends now. Considering she's had the BIGGEST crush on him for THE longest time. Sigh. What kental days were our semester1 year 1 days..-stares at ain and shah-

*replays "Ehhhh suara DIA sedap ahhhh!" (guess who guess who!)*

Well after Ain took the biscuits she said something really d'oh and I shan't post it up here to preserve our friendship.

Ok time to go to school!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007
One last cry

I can't remember the last time that we kissed goodbye
All our I love yous were just not enough to survive
Something your eyes never told me
But it's only now too plain to see,
Brilliant disguise when you hold me
And I'm free

There's a light in your eyes that I used to see
There's a place in your heart where I used to be
Was I wrong to assume that you were waiting for me?

There's a light in your eyes
Did you leave that light burning for me?

Cards and phone calls and photograph pictures of you
Constant reminder of all the things you get used to
Is there a chance in Hell or Heaven
That there's still something here to build on

Or do you just pick up the pieces after they fall
But after all

There's a light in your eyes that I used to see
And a song in the words that you spoke to me
Was I wrong to believe in your melody
There's a light in your eyes
Did you leave that light burning for me

Should I keep on waiting or
does love keep on fading away?

Fading away

It's been a while since I've seen you so how have you been
Did you get my letter I wrote you that I did not send
I tried to call your old number
But the voice that I heard on the phone
I recognized but she told me the number was wrong

There's a light in my eyes it's too bright to see
And a pain in my heart where you used to be
Guess I was wrong to assume that you were waiting here for me
There's a light in your eyes

Did you leave that light burning for me?

Blessid Union of Souls - Light in Your Eyes


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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
A walk down memory lane.

You know I have SO much work to do, but today was SUCH a great day that I think it wouldn't be just to leave it in memory. I HAVE to blog about it.

I went back to SAJC, or SAV, as it is known, today with Halim.

Honestly, I thought it was the best day I've had so far. The feeling of stepping into a school which no longer looked or felt the same, yet you feel like you can fit in, and that you belong there.

We walked through the huge gates and the first person we saw was my Physics tutor, Mr Ong.

He's in the middle.

I called him from afar. He looked up and "Heyyy! Uhh you're from the 02 or 03 batch right?? -thinks- Ahh I remember you but I can't remember your name..."

"Yah 03..Amylia.."

"Ahhh YES amylia! How are youuu!?!?"

Haha. And he proceeded to show us around the new school compound. He's really nice la.

After we reached the cafe (pronounced caff) he told us to go eat and look for him in the staff room after we're done.

Of course we went straight to say hi to makcik Zainab, our canteen makcik who immediately asked "ok nak makan???" and we were soon seated with her famous chicken chop WITH the special sauce. Just like the good ole days.

Then it was up to the teacher's room to terrorise the teachers Mwahahhaa. Halim went to look for his beloved CIkgu Zarina while I bumped into my (gorgeous) math teachers but I really was looking for my Chem tutor whom I was REALLY close to.

Yeap that's him. He should win THE most inspiring teacher award. Not only is he a good teacher, he makes it a point to actually get to know his students and it is because of that that we're close. Halim didn't take Chemistry, but the 2 of us are pretty close to this guy.

Me: -from afar- MR WONGGG!!!!!!!!

My Chem teacher: Hello!! Wah, if you never wear that (tudung), I would have given you a hug!

Haha I ♥ him! Wahoo! He was SO happy the day our results we released that we hugged each other. Haha.

He's got the BEST dress sense and he's Mr giorgio armani. He can pull off looks that many guys can't and his clothes are all really nice. Hawwwtttt.

I can still remember his second lecture. I think most of his classes were asking him why he wore a tie when he was giving his first lecture, cos usually he just wears the usual collared shirt. So during his second lecture he came in and flashed a transparency.


"Well number 1. I have a lot of ties. Number 2. I look good in it.. and number 3, it really is none of your business!"

Haha! How adorable.

Bumped into my PE Teacher and another PE teacher who of course knew Halim. All the PE teachers know him because he's THE ultimate jock.

My PE Teacher is like the nicest man on earth.

Mr Tan: Oh, I'm leaving at the end of this month for China. I'm going to teach there..

Halim: What you teaching, sir?

Mr Tan: Music and drama.

Me: Huh really ah?!?!

Mr Tan: Of course not la!! PE la! HAHA!

Other PE teacher: -pokes Halim's biceps- (to me) Wah, he's bigger now ah..(impressed)

Me: Ya lor.. (but Halim acts shy and moves away from the pokes)

Other PE teacher: Aiiyyer this one big for show only. I want to touch also cannot. See? Big but for show only!


Went to talk with the adorable Vice Principal as well.

We were walking along the Gallery and from afar, I saw some guy duck under the table. GUESS WHO IT WAS! My ultimate fave junior, HANIS! OMG What a day! I was just thinking to myself that I won't be able to see him because he's graduated but turns out that he came back to see makcik as well! Wahoo!

But I forgot one thing as I left SAV. I met ALL my teachers except my form teacher. I FORGOT to look for her! OMG! How kental am I!!!!! ARGH.

Ahhh for the first time in so long did I feel this happy and felt like I really enjoyed myself.. SAJC.. Where I met the most amazing people there could ever be, its where I call home.

I thought that since SA has moved to a new location, it won't be the same as at Malan Road. However, the fact is, I still felt like i belong there because the people were the same. The very people who made my 2 short years there very, very memorable. It didn't matter that the location was different or the buildings were newer and bigger.

The fact that the people were all the same made all the difference.

Only when the teachers are all gone, then SAJC will be but a distant memory.

Once a saint, always a saint. ♥


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Shitty pictures

My trusty Motorola Razr's VGA Camera is beginning to show signs of distress. The pictures aren't as clear as they used to be and have become more glow-y and pixelated. I think its because I've dropped it only like 324324768787987321498762910843 times.

My dad has shown signs that he wants to GIVE me his N73 with 3.2 megapixel camera so I'm just hoping those signs will be more prominent in the few weeks days to come. I don't really like it la, cos I won't use the functions, but hey, its a free phone. I'll take it, balls.

And yes if he doesn't I'm actually planning to get a new phone. Probably going to go back to Nokia. I love Baba's swivel one, and time is just right because they released the l'amour collection a while ago. And the swivel one has a megapixel camera.

However, the phone is SO totally mahal.
Plan B would be Alfian's sorot-sorot phone.

Plan C would be Ain's excellent Sony-Ericsson phone. I love it.
Ok this is NOT exactly Ain's phone but close.

Plan D would be me using my Razr till it breaks. If you notice I'm THAT more violent with my Razr now. Hehe.

With that being said, I shall present to you pictures from my Organic lab session just now!

I LOVE Organic Lab even though:

1. the lab is non-aircon unlike my Applied lab.
2. nasty smells waft into my nostrils like 8237492837% of the time
3. theres shards of broken glassware everywhere on the floor

I love it because we get to synthesize compounds! Loves loves loves LOVES it. Haha although I went into german tutorial just now with my hands reeking of acetophenone. Well plus points also because I get to do lab with Shah and Natt. Best!

Waiting for 90 freaking minutes for the reaction to go to completion.

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)! We had to do it every 30 minutes. So essentially we had to do the TLC three times.

I was SO impatient (impatient-excited) that I did it like every 15-20 minutes or whenever I felt like it. In the end I did TLC 7 times! Haha!

All the pretty TLC plates lined up in a row.

And I think I've found a replacement for Alfian my best lab partner/neighbour in the world. Haha! Because his name is ALfian and my name is AMylia, we usually get fumehoods next to each other and are usually partnered during labs. But because si slenger tu chose wednesday lab, we totally can't be partners.

Anyway, my NEW fumehood neighbour is AA Hassan (I don't mean to use full names but I want to emphasize the alphabetical significance in the name, and NO I don't know what the AA stands for), who's in Drugs with me as well and he TOTALLY Rocks! haha sorry alfian kau kena replace. But don't worry you're still the best lab partner in the world.

Well Hassan is great! He'll like explain to me step by step how to extract the organic layer because I SO didn't understand the manual. Haha its druggie love man. And he does the experiment like damn DAMN fast and pro so its like motivation for me to buat cepat2 and pro2 as well.


I love lab!


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Sunday, February 04, 2007
This guy is SO totally singing at my wedding!

IF I get married, that is.

OMG la his voice is brilliant.

He's the one on keyboards, duh. First voice you hear. hahha.

This is STILL my fave mini performance.



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Saturday, February 03, 2007
I disappoint.

Sorry for the *gasp* 8 day no-show. This has got to be the longest time I've ever not blogged for.

Really busy with school work and my crazy timetable.

I even have no time to check my mail, so if there's anything important please either sms or tell me should we meet.

My MSN is growing mouldy, and is threatening me to compress itself. You know, unused files are usually compressed. But MSN isn't a file. Or is it. Ah what does it matter I'm ranting.

Anyway I think this is something I haven't mentioned here. Adi-Mr-hot-hair has been bugging me since forever to enter my blog for the NTS travelblog competition thing. So I reluctantly did, haha.

I think its now open for voting or something, so if you:

1) are a matriculated student at NUS


2) liked my SwissImmersion/EURIP blogposts (I'm told that they only listed the Swiss one),

you may want to vote for it, or check out the other fantastic blogs that are up for the competition as well.

Okay I have to do my lab report now! byebyeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I had the usual breakfast with Alfons today. He was eating rice and by the time he was finished and carried his plate to the plates corner he sat back down at the table and saw the mess he made.

Alfian: Ek ehh Amy...Siapa makan ni? Na'uzubillah min zalikkkk!! Berkecahhh! -act professor- As we can observe from the food scatter, this is the outline of the plate...

WTH man. Haha.

Then he asked me about my modules and I asked him about his..if he was lost or still on the right track..

Alfian: Spectro I'm so far okay la..can understand..Only the serunding equation aku tak faham sehh!!

Serunding, is some coconut thing which you eat with lontong.

The equation in question here is the Schrödinger Equation.

Haha Alfian, alfian.. But nevermind la..he still has like one of the biggest hearts around and probably one of the sweetest guy friends I have even though he has weird fantasies with the girls in Chem lecs (he wanted to use rubber band to "lastic" some girl who was wearing a bareback) and he thinks he can charm girls by his vast history knowledge.

Because he will sms you late at night after a (late)day out to make sure you're safely home.

(He renamed his name himself ah.)

So sweet right this kind of friend! Gentleman sia this one. Too bad SN tak kenal kau Alfons. Mwahahha.


I was at the MS workspace just now after lab at 215pm while waiting for it to be 6pm so I can head over to arts for german. I was feeling SO extremely sleep and it was SO extremely cold in the workspace. So I put on my labcoat and went to sleep.

I was feeling all proud of my new improvisation..

Until this Catholic/Christian society guy on the other side asked his friend "eh is she wearing a labcoat?" while I was half asleep-half distracted by the Hindu Soc people making a ton of noise.


Haha sometimes i am SO kental. I know.

And today is the day I realise that I really can't stand self centredness. I mean, there IS a limit to it you know!!! NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU! ARGH.


In German class we were playing a game where we make sentences describing something and the other group has to guess what we're describing.

So Adi's group asked another guy's group.

In English:
1. I am switched on everyday
2. I am loved (to use) by children
3. I am usually accompanied by an animal

like WTH IS IT RIGHT!?!?! I answered Barney and Friends and its wrong.

Anyway. Some guy from the opposing group went "UHhhh.. CALL A FRIEND!!! FRAU VERRY!!"

And our teacher, Frau Verry immediately said "I am NOT your friend!!!"

Haha. Amikk kau obattt. Damn funny la. I love German class actually, just the unearthly hours are taking its toll on me.

Anyway the answer to the question is "A computer." Animal=mouse. I know, right?


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Friday, January 26, 2007

OH NEWS OF THE DAY!!!!! I have Chris Daughtry's Album: DAUGHTRY! It RAWWWKSSSSS I swear!!!! I loves loves loves it la!

Started coughing today. Sucks.


My sister walks into the living room

Sister: -to parents- Can you send me to school tomorrow? I need to be in school at 710am.. (its a saturday)

Mum: AHhh ask Daddy..I want to sleep!

Dad: -pauses- -points to me- Kakak send ah..

Me: WALAO!!!!!! I have 8am-8pm today I want to wake up late tomorrow ah!

Dad: Alar, you have tuition at 11 anyway right? Plus you haven't driven for a long time (EXCUSE ME!!!! I've been driving the past month!!) already...must practice..

Mum: Yah yah yah -nods enthusiastically- (WALAO!!! Never support me!!)

Sister: So Kak...send me k? Please ah pleaseeee.. -gives me some act sweet face and smile which I feel like stuffing into a Turkey haha-



Okay the rest of the EURIP PICS!

So anyway this is a little out of the timeline because I blogged the events by theme, you know, the two restaurant dinners together and whatnots.

The hostel "party" actually happened on the 24th of December simply because all the restaurants were closed and we had no where to go to eat. The germans really take their holidays and weekends seriously. All shops are closed means all shops are closed.

So this is the part where I feel rather touched because the Profs really took care of our welfare la..Knowing that we wouldn't have food, they organised this party thing so we had to go out a few days earlier when the shops were still open to get our supplies. And they even gave us allowance! How rocks is that man.


Most of us were down early to prepare the food stuff. The groups that were incharge of the pizzas, fish fingers, nuggets etc had to use the MICROWAVE to cook it. (that's why I say "party" because most of the things we bought were instant stuff.haha.) So poor thing right? But nevermind, they did an excellent job!

My group was incharge of drinks so.. Nothing much to do there, but I was helping with the mashed potatoes ok!

Then Prof Lear and wife and bus driver came down and it was nice that they were pleasantly surprised at the spread.

And then he said the table was arranged in such a way that it started off with the healthy stuff, ok stuff, deadly and death stuff. haha.

We spent the rest of the night exchanging gifts and behaving crazily. I've got videos but lazy to edit and upload. Heh.

So anyways, of all the rooms at the Munich hostel, Shah and I were lucky enough to have each other as roomies..we were also the only room in the entire hostel which had a balcony!! That was like our natural fridge. All the drinks and food that were left unfinished after the party went straight to the "fridge".

It was cold and colder at night so all the unfinished coke and sprite and iced tea we just left out there. It was ice cold when we poured it into our mugs. Roxxorssss.

EVERYTHING was in our room.

Oh and the cakes and some cookies you see on the "death" table were from Alois Dallmayr (i'm sure some of you have heard of it), this place which specialises in fine dining. Now its swimming with other supermarket goodies.

Having the food in our room sometimes has its perks too! When we're hungry.. we just go to the fridge. Mwhahaha.

This is Shah.


Haha but on the last night Shah went to aggressively distribute ALL the leftovers.

Shah -carrying BAGS of leftover cake and chocolate and cookies-: -knocks on other EURIPmates door/enters forcefully- HELLO! The trip is coming to an end so please keep this food for rememberance!

Everyone tried to run away from Shah but she was SO AGGRESSIVE!

One guy, Jian Yu ran into his room because Shah was chasing after him with the bags of cakes, chocolates and biscuits and before he could close the door, Shah THREW in the whole thing and it landed into someone's suitcase. HAHAHHAHA

We spent like 2389472398743 hrs laughing about it!

Fastforward 3 days and it was time for us to leave. We left our Munich hostel--home for 13 days at 5am for a 6hr drive back to frankfurt! Prof Lear had a flight to catch at 2pm so we had to make sure he didn't miss his flight.

Anyway the hostel was one of the better ones we stayed at. There was wireless too! Toilets were attached and Shah and I were lucky cos our room was huge.

Shah's bed

My bed

Only thing was, the walls aren't very sound proof so our first few days there, the hostel was pretty packed and at 7am some clown decides to blast music. 7AM!!!!!

Needless to say we were all pretty disturbed by it.

If you're wondering why we were sitting OUTSIDE our rooms to use our laptops... my room had no wireless signal. the only way for the laptop to detect it was to sit outside. haha. Loser right.


Of course, once in Frankfurt, we ended up shopping some more. :D:D

Shah, Dazril and I had our last Nordsee meal. Nordsee is something like LJS here..fast food but they sell only seafood stuff.

Dazril: Eh look! Amy minum beer!!

It was apple juice.


What is Dazril pointing at? Hmmm.

Lets take a closer look, shall we?

MWAHAHAHHAHAHA. Vulgar sia. Pity those German kids who ride around in it.

Then it was time to go back to the airport to catch our flight at 11pm.

Sometimes ah I really don't know what to say to this guy. He was leaning back on his trolley.

And this marks the end of my EURIP 2006 trip!

Symposium coming up soon! GAH!


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