A Summer afternoon in Schwarzsee

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
TWO highlights of the day!!

I love arts days! They're just SO happening!

Highlight #1:

Lunch with Adi after 2Hrs of Frau-adorable-Verry and 2 hrs of Frau Langweilig's tutorial + bumping into assorted people EVERYWHERE in arts! Manna in toilet, Jasmine, linda, stace and assorted SAJC seniors at arts canteen! Everyone was EVERYWHERE. It was a good break, from 4 straight hours of german. I was mentally and physically drained, considering the unearthly time I slept last night. So Adi and I while walking back to our table bumped into Shermz and Mel!! Crescent classmates!!!! Shermz and Adi travelled Europe together.

Mel. Well, she can click with almost anyone. So Adi and I joined Shermz and Mel. Was a ball of fun until I had to leave for lecture and run some errands shortly. Gah. Brain not working.

Highlight #2

After SS lecture, guess who I bumped into?!?!?!?!?!?!??!! Okay well, not exactly bumped BUMPED, but we crossed paths. Okay well not exactly crossed paths, but he and his friends were on one side of the road and I was on the other side, at the Shaw Foundation building carpark.

I bumped into Gabriel-gssq-Seah!!! He's like, ONLY my favourite blogger of ALL TIME!!!! OMG LA.

I ALMOST shouted "Gabriel!!" or "GSSQ!" and ask for a photo so I can display it on my blog in all its glory but luckily my sanity or the like stopped me (well partially cos he was with his friends also and also partially becos he would think im a FREAK). WTH sia. Just cause I read his blog, macam I know him like that. Haha! That's the great part about blogs you see. You can religiously read someone's blog, without even knowing the person, but you kinda know whats going on in the person's life.

I love the way he writes and its through his blog I was introduced to terms like SLUGS and SNAILS and whatever nots. Plus its hilarious too, sometimes. Oh and he just got back from the Netherlands for exchange and he travelled Europe extensively.. Haha see what I mean. Macam I know him like that.

Okay I better stop before I start sounding like a stalker. Haha. Okay lah thats all. I'm still for some reason feeling excited that I saw gssq in person. For the record, I don't personally know gssq, I just chanced upon his blog one day and I liked it so I continued reading.

Yes la yes la spectro tutorial NOW.

-published at 4:39 PM.